Girl Scouts reach 11,000 cookie box goal for U.S. troops

Girl Scouts raise 11,000 boxes of cookies for troops overseas.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Girl scouts, volunteers, almost 2,000 boxes of cookies and dozens of rolls of tape - that is everything that was needed on Sunday to help Girl Scouts send their cookies to U.S. troops overseas.

“Our overall goal at the beginning of the year was 10,000 boxes, but actually we met our 11,000th box,” said Michigan Shore to Shore Girl Scout, Amanda Allen.

At eleven-years-old, Amanda Allen organized this packing party and raised 11,000 boxes of cookies for U.S. troops this year.

Amanda’s older sister Meredith started this packing party eight years ago.

Facing the struggles of being in high school, Meredith passed the responsibilities to Amanda two-years-ago to carry on the tradition.

“It's so special. I mean she has really grown and she's just amazing,” said Meredith Allen. “Just that she can continue on and doesn't have to stop with me, that's just really amazing for me to see."

The cookie packing party was inspired by the Allen sister’s father and grandfather - both veterans.

The Allen sisters say that Girl Scout Cookies are a way for veterans to get a little taste of home.

“I think the big picture is you are so fortunate because these people are fighting for our freedom and we are so fortunate to live here,” said Amanda Allen. “When we send those cookies it's like a treat for them and just so special to see what they are doing."

The packing party has been held at the American Legion Post 35 for the last eight years.

Some of the veterans like Neal Horning have been helping the Allen sisters since the beginning.

“It's just a good feeling and it comes from the heart. They have all really enjoyed this and it's an annual event now. It's just like a tradition, so we are going to be doing it every year.” Said Horning.

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