Give first responders a break on nasty roads

The Petoskey Public Safety department is battling the road conditions just like everyone else.

The weather this time of year is any driver's worst nightmare. Icy roads and low visibility are the cause of many accidents throughout Northern Michigan.

When first responders are called to the scene, the roads are just as much of a factor for them as any other driver.

"Our main goal is to get there and get there safely because if we don't we can't help people out," Petoskey Public Safety Director John Calabrese said.

Petoskey's public safety department is one of the many departments around the region that takes as many steps as it can to winter proof it's vehicles.

"Our vehicles are no different than anybody else's, and when the roads are bad, we slow down too," Calabrese explained.

All of it's cars and trucks have snow tires and many have four-wheel-drive. Calabrese says despite these precautions, the recent weather conditions have made it especially tough for his responders.