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      Grandmother killed in fire at Vanderbilt home

      A 49-year-old woman was killed in a fire at a home in Vanderbilt Sunday.

      Sharolyn Betterly was killed after a fire broke out in the upstairs portion of her son's home on Mills St. in Vanderbilt.

      Betterly was staying in the home with her son, his wife, and the couple's two children. Betterly also had a dog who was killed in the fire.

      A child smelled smoke and woke the rest of the family, who were able to get out of the house. The father attempted to help his mother, but was unable to get to her.

      Crews were able to put out the fire and are not considering the home a total loss, but the family reports that their belongings, like clothes and furniture, were ruined.

      The family is currently living out of a motel in Gaylord that is being paid for by the Salvation Army. The charity is accepting donations on behalf of the family. Several local businesses are gathering gifts for the children and financial contributions for the family.

      "It's a difficult time for them now and I think this is an opportune time now, not only for the salvation army, but for the community as a whole to come forward and help these people out," Brian Jergenson, Gaylord Salvation Army Business Manager said.

      The family had just moved into the rental home two weeks prior to the fire.