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      Grant Forrester is running to stand still

      Grant Forrester is no stranger to setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring those around him. It seems to be a pattern in his life.

      At 15-months-old, Forrester was involved in a serious car crash that left him with multiple life-changing injuries. The challenges that Grant has faced are remarkable. His ability to tackle all of them with a smile on his face and a relentless determination is nothing short of inspiring.

      This winter, Forrester set yet another goal for himself. He not only wanted to complete his fourth 5k ever, but he wanted to do it in less than three hours. While many of the runners toeing the start line that day will finish in less than 30 minutes, Grant is hoping to take 30 minutes off his fastest race to date.

      Forrester has a creed that he lives by and is always willing to share. "There are two words I do not use, can or can't...only will" is his response when asked about whether he can do anything.

      In order to get faster, Forrester knew he had to get stronger. He had to push his legs beyond their limits.

      So each day, Forrester rolls his wheelchair into the kitchen and with every muscle in his body quivering, he stands, without his leg support braces for 30 minutes.

      Forrester understands better than most what it really means to be an athlete. He most likely will be the last person to finish any race that he enters, but his competition comes from within. He refuses to quit, he refuses to lower his goals, and he does it all with a smile on his face and an attitude that inspires those around him.