Great Lakes water temperatures remain frigid

Little Traverse Bay, pictured here near Petoskey still only has a water temperature in the 40's.

The weather looks pretty quiet the next couple of days setting up great conditions to enjoy the outdoors, but Great Lakes water remains cold.

As anyone that lives near the Great Lakes knows, the lakes remain chilly right into mid-summer as those enormous bodies of water require lots of heating to warm up from the winter chill. The Northern Lake Michigan buoy which lies about halfway between North Manitou Island, Michigan and Washington Island, Wisconsin shows a water temperature Monday morning of 36.5F! Even in Southern Lake Michigan, the buoy there shows the water at a frigid 38.5F. All of the main buoy's in the open waters of Lake Superior and Lake Huron also show water temperatures sitting in the 30's. There is some improvement closer to shore where the water is shallower. The buoy in Little Traverse Bay near Petoskey shows a water temperature about 10 degrees warmer than offshore with a temperature of 48.2F. Most locations along the shorelines of Lakes Superior/Michigan/Huron are in the 40's although water temps. in the Straits of Mackinac have climbed into the low/mid-50's.

The warmest water temperatures in the whole Great Lakes basin are in southwest Lake Erie where it is much shallower with water temperatures there already getting close to 70F. Even as close as Saginaw Bay, water temperatures already in the mid/upper end of the 60's.

So, even though the air temperature may be warm, keep in mind if you are heading to the beaches of the Great Lakes that the water is still dangerously cold. In fact, exhaustion or unconsciousness can develop in only 15-45 minutes in such cold water depending on body size and a few other factors.

Meanwhile on land, some sunshine Monday filtered with a few clouds with highs in the low/mid-70's although right near the lakes it will be quite a bit cooler. The next chance for a few showers will hold off until Wednesday.