Guarding The Unknowns at Arlington: A 7&4 News Special Report

There is a place at Arlington National Cemetery where every hour of every day visitors can witness perfection; a perfect uniform, a perfect ceremony, a perfect honor.

High above the rows of headstone and heroes you find The Tomb of Unknowns. Standing guard by the tomb is a member of the Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment, the so called "old guard."

They have answered the call to stand watch for more than 50 years over the unidentified remains of our veterans. It's a honor none of them takes lightly, training for up to 9 months before standing their first watch.

This is the story of the men who guard the Tomb and part of a 30 minute long special report that will air on 7&4 Saturday, November 10th at 7 pm, and then again Sunday morning on our sister station ABC 29&8 at 10 am.