Guest Post: 10 Ways to Maximize a Summer Power Outage

As long as no one is hurt and the reason for the blackout isnâ??t cause for further concern take the lack of electricity as a temporary blessing.

We all know power outages often come at the most inconvenient times. Even in the middle of the night they can disrupt life cutting off important flows of energy reaching air-conditioning, refrigeration, cell phones or that much touted connection to the outside world known as the internet.

Nevertheless, as long as no one is hurt and the reason for the blackout isnâ??t cause for further concern take the lack of electricity as a temporary blessing. Why? Because in an age where we carry and are constantly tuned into various digital devices having a break, even a forced one, can be quite liberating.

For this reason whether youâ??re in Northern Michigan or farther south towards Warren the next time you experience an electrical failure alone or with the family consider doing some of the following to maximize the time.

Some of these suggestions may require a flashlight, candle, or reflection from the moon but all take little effort.

-Write: Do you remember the last time you picked up a pen or pencil? Writing is like riding a bicycle and not something youâ??ll easily forget but what can be lost is the enjoyment of simply letting go and jotting down thoughts or scribbling out a poem because it comes to you so fast. Even if itâ??s just stream of consciousness writing can be therapeutic.

-Tell stories: It may sound like a campfire activity but storytelling shouldnâ??t be left for vacations only. Tap everyoneâ??s imagination by making up a story with each member of the family contributing lines.

-Recount family history: We often don't make enough time to connect with our family, especially the extended part which may be in a different state or even continent. That being the case the downtime of a power outage is the perfect opportunity to recount some family history and what others near and far are up to.

-Catch up: No cell phone or computer to log onto? Try reconnecting with that love one you live with but haven't had a chance to truly spend quality time with. A loss of electricity is simply a great time to respark a bond.

-Read: Despite the draw of computers and the internet people still have books and a blackout is the perfect time to get reacquainted with one of your favorite novels that have been sitting on the shelf for too long.

-De-clutter: Been wanting to get rid of some of your belongings but felt like you havenâ??t had a chance to sort through things? The next time youâ??re in the middle of a power outage try spending some of the waiting hours decluttering.

-Meditate: Thereâ??s physical clutter and then thereâ??s the clutter that builds up inside of us. A blackout is a perfect time to contemplate and meditate on some of the bothersome things on the mind until we work our way towards realizing how trivial most of them are.

-Make decisions: Have a big decision youâ??ve been putting off because you havenâ??t had a chance to sit still and consider the ramifications? An outage is prime time to clear up a few important issues which have been weighing you down.

-Plan: Thereâ??s lots of things to plan such as the vacation youâ??ve been wanting to take or what to plant in the garden this year.

Power outages are excellent settings to discuss it with the family and come to a consensus.

Enjoy the silence: Need I say more? Enjoy it before the lights come back on.

Jakob Barry is a green living journalist for helps homeowners save time, money and frustration by connecting them with home improvement professionals. From plumbers and roofers to electrical contractors Networx simplifies the process of locating a reliable professional.