Gusty winds knock out power across Northern Michigan

Gusty winds have knocked out power service in at least 3 Northern Michigan counties. One of the hardest hit areas is downtown Gaylord.

Strong wind gust are taking a toll on power service across Northern Michigan, and crews say the situation could get worse as falling snow turns into rain and ice.

Consumers Energy reports that they are experiencing outages in three counties in Northern Michigan. The largest number of customers effected is in Otsego County, where service has been knocked out for about 2-thousand customers across much of Gaylord, stretching from Millbocker Road up to Fairview Road on both sides of I-75. Outages are also being reported in Antrim County from Elk Rapids north to Kewadin. Smaller pockets of outages have been reported in Kalkaska County. Statewide Consumers reports around 54-hundred outages.

According to Debra Dodd, communications director with Consumers, they are fully staffed tonight, and repair crews are already in the process of assessing the damage, and will then begin to restore service.

Outages are continually being reported, and the numbers of customers effected is expected to increase as the winds do. At this point, there are no estimates as to when power will be restored.