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      Hart man charged with 22 felonies in crime spree

      Daryl Essex, 32, of Hart, was arrested and charged with 22 felonies in a crime spree in Oceana County.

      A 32-year-old Hart man was arrested and charged with 22 felonies in a crime spree in Oceana County.

      According to the Oceana County Sheriff's Department, most of the break in's involved jewelry, televisions, guns, money and other valuables taken.

      Over the past couple weeks, detectives have been reviewing the property taken in by several pawn shops and gold recycling businesses and developed suspects.

      On Friday, a suspect, Daryl Eugene Essex, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on an unrelated manner was found just outside of Hart. A deputy made a traffic stop, arrested him and then found several of the stolen items as well as tools used in breaking and enterings.

      The Sheriff's Department reports that interviews with Essex showed he had been involved in break ins in Mason County as well. That investigation, through the Sheriff's Department in Mason County and Michigan State Police, is still open.

      Essex was charged with five multiple-count warrants including breaking and entering, home invasion, larceny of firearms, felon in possession of a firearm, and habitual offender. All together, the charges totaled 22 felonies.

      Other charges are still pending from the Mason County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan State Police.