Have a blast while staying safe with these fireworks tips

UpNorthLive's Facebook fans voted to hear more about fireworks safety this summer season.

Many Americans choose to celebrate their patriotism with fireworks and sparklers. But before you light up the sky for the 4th of July, make sure you take some time to brush up on your safety tips from the American Pyrotechnics Association and TNT Fireworks.

Take Precautions: Always keep a hose and a bucket of water nearby in case of emergencies

Light one at a time: Never light two or more fireworks or sparklers at the same time.

Keep it outside: Only use fireworks and sparklers outdoors on flat, hard surfaces in clear areas and away from houses, buildings and dry grass.

Have adult supervision: Never allow young children to light or handle fireworks or sparklers. Be aware of the minimum permitted age in your state. Adults should always be present when lighting or handling fireworks or sparklers.

Stay alert: Never mix alcohol or other substances with fireworks or sparklers.

Stay clear: Never hold a lit firework in your hand. Keep as far from them as possible when lighting.

Let sleeping fireworks lie: Never try to relight fireworks or sparklers that do not ignite. Wait 15 to 20 minutes before approaching them, then soak them with water and throw them away.

Protect your pets: Animals are often frightened by the sounds of fireworks. Protect your furry friends by keeping them indoors, secure and away from the loud, sudden noises.

Also, make sure you are always following the directions on the label for safe use of the fireworks.

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