Head-to-toe makeover for Holiday Inn West Bay

Newly-renovated room at Holiday Inn West Bay.

Holiday Inn West Bay in Traverse City has been undergoing multi-million dollar renovations.

The hotel is transforming into a Holiday Inn Resort, the first of its kind in the Midwest.

"We have a new name, we have a new look, and as you will see today, we have nothing in this building that represents what it used to look like," said General Manager Deborah Brown.

The hotel first opened in 1968 and the renovations are set to be completed by the end of May or early June.

"That's a really big honor for us, part of which is our location in Traverse City, and we're located right on the Grand Traverse Bay," said Director of Sales Tomas Paddack. "That's one of the requirements for the resort properties."

The hotel's 179 rooms are now dawning a modern look and the resort will also feature new amenities.

"Like story time that we'll have, we'll have yoga, we'll have movie time by our outdoor pool," said Paddack. "We have an indoor pool as well that has also been redesigned, we have a lot of outlets for families."

Paddack said the room rates could range from $150 to $300 per night depending on the day and the season.

Shimmers By the Bay, formerly known as Shimmers, is completely renovated featuring a fine dining room and a dance club.

"Everything has been gutted and repainted, repositioned to showcase an upscale dining environment for lunch and dinner," said Brown.

They are also adding 1,800 square feet of new meeting space.

The resort, which is now managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, will have a private relaunch party June 6th and the public will be able to see the complete transformation before and after the party.

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