Health Department warns public about apple cider

The Health Department is warning the public to avoid unpasteurized apple cider from Mitchell Hill Farm and its owner, Jim Ruster.

Last week, health officials obtained a search warrant to inspect Mitchell Hill Farm, located on Toad Lake Road in Ellsworth. They found evidence that Ruster had been producing "adulterated food" which is food prepared under unsanitary conditions that fails to meet health and safety standards as a result.

"What we know is that Mr.. Ruster produced unpasteurized apple cider without a license, in an unsanitary facility," Meyerson said. "People should avoid any cider he has produced."

Anyone who believes they may be in possession of cider from this farm should dispose of it immediately, according to Joshua Meyerson, M.D., Medical Director for the Health Department.

Meyerson adds that anyone who has consumed the cider and is experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea, should consult a doctor immediately.

Meyerson added that buyers should be suspicious of apple cider that is unlabeled.

The situation is still under investigation.