Healthcare registration off to a slow start

F or a majority of the day, the Health Insurance Marketplace website has asked most applicants to please wait.

Tuesday is the first day that millions of uninsured Americans are able to use the new Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act.

A cross the nation , there are resource centers set up to help you through the enrollment process.

However for a majority of the day, the marketplace website has asked most applicants to please wait.

" Since there is an overwhelming amount of interest the system is running a little slower," Laura Hill, Enrollment Assistance Coordinator said.

T his backup has slowed down many of the newly hired healthcare application counselors around the country including those at the East Jordan Family Health Center who had to cancel all their appointments today.

"I t 's not going to hurt to just give it a couple of days to let the system recover from the high-volume traffic," Hill said.

T hese counselors are funded through federal grant money and serve the public for free.

A t this center anyone is welcome from Charlevoix and Antrim Counties. These trained counselors will walk you through the plans and explain your options.

" I can understand that when it comes to choosing plans and comparing them people prefer a little bit a help to navigate through it , because of the wealth of information that's out there ," Hill said.

T o speed up the process , these counselors advise you to bring work and tax documents and they say it should only take an hour to enroll.

A nd if you need time to think about it , these counselors will work around your schedule.

" If they want to take that information home and talk it over with somebody and come back then we can go back in there and enroll them in any program they like ," Coleen Dewey, Enrollment Assistance Coordinator said.

T hat is , when the system works out the kinks and the public can get back on the website and shop for insurance.