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      High gas prices not driving down RV sales

      High gas prices don't seem to bother campers from getting behind the wheel of their recreational vehicles and hitting the road.

      Nature and Me RV in Grand Traverse County sells both used and new RV's, and says that business is up 15% this year compared to last.

      Larry Kelsey, general manager for the store says that the rise in sales has been a growing trend over the last 4 years. In fact, they say that sales have been so good, that they are having trouble keeping up with their inventory with the rise in manufacturing demands nationwide.

      "When I look at the articles put out by the manufactures, there up 40 to 60 percent over the last couple of years and it's nationwide, not just IN Northern Michigan," said Kelsey.

      The so-called "campsites on wheels" are also filling up spots and bringing in business at campgrounds.

      Holiday Park Campground in Traverse City says that they are almost booked for July and August, and that sales were also up in May compared to last year. Park Manager, Steve Hall, says that the many festivals in the area are what seems to drive people in. Hall also says that the high gas prices are helping camper's decisions to vacation closer to home, rather than farther away.

      "When gas prices are high, people stay a little closer to home which brings all those people that have RV's to the general area," said Hall.

      Kelsey and Hall both say that they see a lot of customers coming in from Michigan, but that they have also noticed many of their customers coming in from out of state.