High tech cars to be showcased at 2014 auto show

Forget 2013, the latest car models will be featured at the North American International Auto Show next week.

The 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit kicks off Monday. The Cobo Center is undergoing its annual transformation, in preparation for the show.

Experts predict this year's turnout will be even bigger than last year as the auto industry rebounds.

â??You have to be up on all of the technology,â?? said Mark Blandin of Cherry Capitol Cadillac. â??It changes every year.â??

The NAIAS exists to showcase those improvements. This yearâ??s models are expected to show off more tech savvy models with all the latest bells and whistles.

â??Every year it changes; just add a little more and more to the cars,â?? said Blandin. As for flying cars? â??Stay tuned.â??

So what do customers think about all of the technology upgrades?

â??The dash tells you anything from tire pressure to oil, whether it's dirty,â?? said Mark Porter of Karlin, Michigan. â??It's good as long as it's working, but when it doesn't work, that's when you have a problem. The good ol' check your oil is still the way to go, in my opinion.â??

The flashing lights and touch screens can be a little overwhelming for customers at the beginning.

â??Some of them are learning when they come in to the dealership. They're very impressed and surprised at what's on the new cars now. It's something you have to learn, once you learn it, it's very easy,â?? said Blandin.

The features like blind side alerts, collision protection, and backup cameras can save lives.

â??Our son got in an accident and the car protected his life,â?? said Porter.

Porter said heâ??s excited about his recent car purchase, but worries the added technology mean more money in repairs. â??To repair a headlight or put a bulb in is pretty expensive nowadays.â??

Car salesman Blandin said once you've been behind the wheel of one of these tricked out cars, youâ??re spoiled, and that heâ??s not going back to basic anytime soon.

Dozens of the latest models of what the Motor City has to offer, along with models from all across the world, will be on display.

The auto show begins Monday and runs through January 24.

Tickets for adults cost $13. Children under six get in free.