High winds, colder temperatures expected today

Temperatures will only reach the lower teens today.

Another cold day with more strong wind gusts and some snow, but it will be different than yesterday.

Friday, gusts were 50+ miles per hour from the bridge southward along the shore of Lake Michigan. Today, the wind will blow steadily from 10 to 20 and gust occasionally to 35 mph.

Snow totals yesterday were over 6 inches in a few neighborhoods. Today up to an inch in the Lower Peninsula. Maybe 5 inches in the Upper Peninsula near Lake Superior.

And the big change will be temperatures. It was hard to appreciate it Friday, but some of the daytime highs climbed into the 20s (we've seen few temperatures that warm this week). The warmer temperatures today will only reach the lower teens.

So, today...colder, almost as windy, not as much snow...compared to yesterday.

Roads are snow and ice covered. With the wind coming from the northwest, east to west routes will see drifting on the north side of the road. With high thermometer readings today from 1 above in Sault Ste. Marie to around 16 in Ludington, expect wind chill temperatures below zero.

Tonight could be even worse. Wind will gust to 30 mph, more snow will fall, and the temperatures will plummet. Consequently, beware of visibility problems on the roads and wind chills dipping to as low as 25 below zero. Wind chills that low are dangerous if you are out in that for long.

Sunday looks cloudy with scattered light snow showers and fortunately a light wind 5 to 15 mph. However, the daytime highs Sunday will range from only 5 to 18 degrees across northern Michigan.

Stay warm...only 54 days until spring.