Historic collection to be auctioned off in estate sale

Anderson spent most of his life tracking down pieces of history to add to his collection.


t's a sale like no other. A

Michigan family is inviting the public to bid on a number of historic and unique items.


Petoskey estate belonged to J.D. Anderson, the founder of the world's largest archery company. Over time he collected a number of priceless items that will be auctioned off this weekend.


t's hard not to find something fa


inating at every turn inside th

e Anderson

estate on
Walloon Lake in Emmet County.


table is a rudder from a historic steam ship known as the
Rising Sun. Only a few steps away is this Scottish grandfather clock from the early 1800s and then there's the first music box manufactured in the United States.


He was a very interesting man he had many curiosities and obviously many interests that were very wide ranging

," Michele Bonhag, Anderson's daughter said.


spent most of his life tracking down pieces of history to add to his collection.


In the 32 years I have been doing estate sales
this is the largest one I've ever seen," Scott Redman, "R" Estate Services Owner said. "The magnitude of the merchandise is just off the hook."


addition to the items inside his home


he also had a historic fire engine and the oldest known wooden
Racine boat.


There's everything from a dollar item to a
$20,000 item and many of them," Redman said.


nderson's crown jewel was his rare
Department 56 snow village collection, which is one of the largest in the world.

See more of Anderson's snow village collection here.


e invested
$350,000 into it and even built a four thousand square foot addition onto his home to house it.


He had every piece of snow village that had been produced

," Bonhag said.


hile a number of these items hold sentimental value for his nine children


there is no way they could keep everything.


nd they hope others can enjoy these items as much as their father did.


If they can take a piece home and say this came from a really interesting guy I think that would be wonderful

," Bonhag said.

The estate sale will begin on Thursday and will last until Sunday.