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      Historic Great Lakes boat house returned home

      A piece of Great Lakes history is returning home.

      Tuesday crews moved a 1920s motor life boat house back to Whitefish Point where it last stood in the 1950s.

      " It is in great structural condition so the move itself was made easy by the fa c t that it is in such good condition," Jeff Mudroch, boat house move project manager said.

      I t took more than two hours to move this historic boat house .

      E ach of the walls had to be supported , crews had to make sure trees didn't damage the roof , and then they had to transport it a few miles.

      " It is 25 feet wide in the roads here are only 24 feet so we are basically going to shut down the road to all traffic," Mudroch said.

      F or the last 60 years it has been used for storing fishing nets , but prior to being a storage facility it served a greater purpose.

      " This was one of the original structures that was at Whitefish Point and was part of the Coast Guard rescue station from the early 1920s," Bruce Lynn, Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Executive Director said.

      I t stored a motorized boat that rescue teams used to save victims of shipwrecks.

      T his portion of Lake Superior was notorious for causing some of the Great Lakes' most infamous wrecks.

      The boat house will be placed near the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and will be used for a variety of purposes.

      " This is one of the last ones that are still standing and in the area," Lynn said.

      M oving the historic boat house cost $30,000, but was paid for with state grant funding.