Homes along the Boardman River threatened by flooding

The Boardman River in Traverse City is flooding in areas.

About 10 homes are being threatened by the raising water of the Boardman River. Homeowners along the river say they haven't see the levels this high in years. Water in some of the backyards is knee deep. There are no forced evacuations as of this hour. Parts of the Boardman River in Traverse City are flooding. The river started to rise throughout the afternoon after a morning of heavy wet snow began to melt.

"This is my dream home, my dream location, but now I just want to get the heck out of here," said David Hoyt, whose home is threatened by flooding. The flowing Boardman River in Traverse City is usually a beautiful site, but that rushing water is rising at a rapid rate causing major problems for area homeowners.

"This is a perfect example of what we were fearing would happen this Spring," said Barb Reneaud, a homeowner near the river.

"I'm waiting for my house to fall in," said Shelley Wesley, a neighbor.

After heavy rain and snow continues to cover the area, residents are facing flooded backyards, soggy lawns, and swamp areas where fields used to be.

"Our biggest fear is that if we would've had a snowstorm like we did last year with the same type of water control that we have now, we feel it would've been a disaster," said Hoyt.

The rising water is threatening about 10 nearby homes, along with environmental damage: floating debris and black muck coating the banks.

"There's property damage from the October 6th breach of the dam," said attorney Karen Ferguson. "People are now living with water in their basements, and mold issues."

The Brown Bridge Dam was breached in early October and caused serious flooding and damage to property in the area. No one was hurt in the flooding, but nearly the entire Brown Bridge pond was drained.

These residents are now tangled in a lawsuit over the county's decision to remove the Brown Bridge Dam.