Hospital recording of Knysz played in fourth day of murder trial

The prosecution played an interview with Eric Knysz in the hospital.

In the fourth day of Eric Knysz's murder trial, the prosecution called up several Michigan State Police troopers who collected evidence the night of Trooper Paul Butterfield's death.

Perhaps the most compelling testimony came late Friday afternoon.

Prosecutors played a recording they said was Eric Knysz in the hospital after the shooting, being interviewed by Michigan State Police Sergeant Garry Green.

Jurors were given the 28-page transcript of the interview.

Parts of the recording go as follows:

SERGEANT: Did you get out of your car at all after you shot him?


SERGEANT: What did you do? You just drove away?


SERGEANT: How many times did you shoot the trooper?

KNYSZ: One time.

SERGEANT: Do you know where you shot him?

KNYSZ: I believe under the chin.

SERGEANT: Where was he standing when you shot him?

KNYSZ: He had just walked up to the vehicle, driver's side.

SERGEANT: How far away was the trooper, like in the distance?

KNYSZ: Five feet.

SERGEANT: Is that why you froze, because somebody said, "Freeze?"

KNYSZ: I froze because a [expletive] bullet went through my kneecap.

The prosecution also brought two wintesses to the stand, who said Knysz came to their home shortly after the shooting.

"Can you tell us, tell this jury, exactly what words he said," asked the prosecutor.

"Yeah, he said that he killed a [expletive] cop," Deborah Harris said.

"How did this come up in conversation," asked the prosecutor.

"Just as soon as I answered the door," Mark Harris replied. "I told my wife I was going to see if this is true."

The sergeant continued by asking Knysz if he had ever thought about giving up, or if his wife tried to convince him to stop. He said, no.

The trial is set to resume on Monday morning.

Next week, the prosecution is expected to call Eric Knysz's wife and father to the stand.