Hot dogs help homeless

House of Doggs helps feed the homeless in a unique way and is now asking for help from the community.

Since the restaurant opened in 2006, House of Doggs has been feeding people fun and different hot dogs. Two years ago they decided to share the wealth with those in need.

Owner Nick Mcallister was first inspired to do this two years ago when he first began noticing that homeless people were coming into his restaurant to get warm during the cold winter months.

Mcallister wanted to do more. He decided to set aside some money so that he could also afford to give them a hot meal. Individuals and groups began contributing to the fund, until the fund was large enough to last for two years.

The fund has significantly declined and the small business wants to continue to keep helping, but they cannot do it alone.

"We had some individuals, some churches and businesses all donate to that fund," says Mcallister. "So we've always had a balance in there, just up until now it's got down to four dollars yesterday. So we're just trying to bolster in back up."

House of Doggs sees nearly fifteen homeless customers per week. Each one is given a hot dog or hamburger of their choice, some fries, and a drink.

For every order purchased and mentioned about the cause, House of Doggs will donate ten percent of each order.