75 / 62
      81 / 67
      84 / 68

      Hot, humid, stormy on Tuesday

      Tonight we??ll have a few passing clouds?|but much of the night will be clear. Overnight lows will stay in the 60s?|a warm, muggy night for us.

      Tuesday we??re expecting some passing, scattered thunderstorms. Highs will reach the 80s and low 90s. And the humidity will be with us one more day. Light wind from the south 5-15 mph?|unless you??re near a thunderstorm?|where winds will gust higher. Tuesday evening?|we still have a chance for thunder and lightning in the region.

      Wednesday?|the rain moves out early?|and the sky begins to clear. It will be cooler?|highs will be in the 70s. And the humidity will be lower. Light wind from the north?|5-15 mph?|maybe gusting to 20 mph at times.