Huffington Post calls chocolate stout pie 'worth a trip to Michigan'

Locals have long known the power of a Grand Traverse Pie Company pie, but now the legend has grown.

Alison Spiegel of the Huffington Post Taste recently reviewed the company's Chocolate Stout Pie and claimed it is worth relocating to Traverse City.

The pie has a layer of crust, a layer of ganache (made of cream, chocolate, and stout), and a layer of chocolate stout mousse. It's then topped with golden stout meringue and more chocolate stout ganache is drizzled over top.

Drooling, yet?

The stout in the pie is also a Traverse City delicacy - the CEO Stout from Right Brain Brewery. Pie company representatives said they're proud to team up with other Michigan companies and showcase what the state is made of as part of a "Fusion Pie Series." They worked on the pie for almost four months and it took about a dozen trial pies to get the recipe just right.

"All throughout we've got the stout and the chocolate," said Margaret Alexander, the Grand Traverse Pie Company Director of Marketing. "It just really creates a very unique, chocolatey - but also, you have the bite and the tang of the stout - that is just really dynamic. You know you'd be missing out if you don't come and try this pie because it's going to be something that people are not only going to love and when they taste it love it, but they're going to be talking about it, and you're going to want to be the one who gets to try it too."

"The pie is not overwhelmingly sweet, however, which enables the distinct flavors to stand out," Spiegel writes in her review. "Somehow it doesn't feel heavy either. It's a pretty perfect pie, in our opinion."

Spiegel isn't the first non-local to bow to the power of the pie. The pie company already has famous fans, like Mario Batali who called the Cherry Crumb Pie "a religious experience." Oprah is also said to be a fan of the Old Mission Cherry Pie.

The first five hundred pie company members to order a chocolate stout pie also get a pint glass etched with the logos of Grand Traverse Pie Company and Right Brain Brewery on each side.

Although Grand Traverse Pie is estimating they'll make around two thousand pies, you'll want to place an order to make sure you get one.

The Chocolate Stout Pie will only be available from June 12-15 for $19.99 per pie at all Grand Traverse Pie Company locations.

The next "Fusion Pie" will feature a wine from Black Star Farms.