Hundreds get home improvement ideas at annual show

A hundred exhibitors were on the floor at the GT Civic Center for the 6th Annual 'Up North' Lake & Cottage Show.

The 6th Annual â??Up Northâ?? Lake & Cottage show wrapped up in Traverse City on Sunday.

Hundreds filled the Grand Traverse County Civic Center to visit different exhibits, most of which were geared towards getting a fresh idea for the home.

â??People come to the Lake and Cottage show because they might be looking to build a new home, or new cottage,â?? said Show Producer Andrew MacDonald. â??They might be looking to put an addition onto their home or cottage, they might be looking for new furniture perhaps home services, or just to see whatâ??s new on the market.â??

Itâ??s not just cottages either, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute the sale of total home improvement products went up 4 percent last year and they expect that number to grow.

â??In the 34-years Iâ??ve been in this industry Iâ??ve never seen it this busy itâ??s just been an absolutely wonderful time to be in the industry,â?? said Cash n Carry Flooring Sales Manager, Gary Bebeau. â??People are definitely sticking money into their homes.â??

That industry is what drew hundreds to the Grand Traverse County Civic Center this weekend to see what exhibitors had to offer. They could find anything from home services to home décor.

â??People are really excited about the atmosphere and the beauty of northern Michigan,â?? said Bebeau. â??People have been coming up here vacationing -- as soon as they're done they're looking for a place to live.â??

The National Association of Realtors reported vacation home sales soared in 2014 to more than $1 million.

â??Houses are flying off the market, theyâ??re going quick,â?? said Realtor Amber Cyman with Real Estate One.