Hunters find body of missing man

An Antrim County man who went missing mid-September was found dead in Central Lake Township.

84-year-old Winston Gordon and his vehicle were found by hunters in a heavily wooded and swampy area Sunday morning. The vehicle was stuck in the mud under some cedar trees. The Antrim County Sheriff's Office says it appeared that Gordon attempted to get the car unstuck, but was not successful. He was found nearby.

Police say the hunters came from downstate, for the day to prepare their hunting cabin for rifle season. They noticed that the missing 1996 Oldsmobile was stuck on the west side of their property. The car was about a third of a mile south of Crawford Road.

Gordon was last seen at 1:30 pm on September 13 at the Mutual Gas Station on South Airport and Garfield Roads. Police say he was disoriented and asked for directions to get back to Bellaire, where he and his wife have a summer home.

Police say it was not rare for Gordon to drive the back roads of Antrim County and that he had been found stuck in the mud before.

When Gordon went missing in September, local fire departments searched roads and two tracks. The Coast Guard and pilots at Bellaire Airport were made aware of his vehicle. Police say because Gordon was in Traverse City during the day, no specific area could be determined on where to look.

The trail Gordon was stuck on was barely visible from Crawford Road, police say, and a parallel road had to be cut free of down trees to get access to Gordon and his car.

Police say the hunters only used the property for hunting and had they not found Gordon, it is "very likely that he would not have been located for quite some time."