Hunting show star hosts girls boot camp

Jada Johnson held a boot camp Wednesday to teach more girls about her passion.

Big Boys Adventure is a television show that features Jada Johnson on her pursuit of hunting the biggest animals in North America, but her other goal is getting more women into hunting.

Johnson held a boot camp Wednesday to teach more girls about her passion.

Fourteen girls were invited to the Johnson's ranch in Gaylord. They had the chance to shoot guns, bow hunt and fly fish during the two day camp.

â??It kind of makes you special if you're a woman and you hunt,â?? said camper Danielle Keysor.

Hunting is a very popular sport, but men account for 89 percent of hunters in the nation. Johnson decided to host a girls boot camp to change that.

â??We have 1 million hunters in Michigan and out of that million most of them are men,â?? said Johnson. â??But in the past few years the percentage of women has just gone sky rocketing and I just love being a part of that, getting those girls in the woods.â??

The number of women hunters has increased 25 percent between 2006 and 2011, and these girls are part of the reason why.

â??I love to hunt and I love to get girls into hunting, that's been one of my biggest goals,â?? said Johnson. â??So we invited 14 girls to come out and be a part of this boot camp. Weâ??re shooting guns, we just did archery, weâ??re going to fly fishing â?¦ weâ??re going to sit in blinds and look for deer. We're just having a lot of fun.â??

Girls ages 11 and up and of all different experience levels participated in the event and learned from each other as well as the professionals.

â??It's just fun to be here with everybody, get to know different people, just the experience and get away from home and experience this,â?? said camper Kierstin Bondie.

Although the girls are in the minority when it comes to their hobby, they're not intimidated by the boys.

â??I think it's pretty proud, most girls wouldn't like outside and shooting animals are like scared or what not but guys think they rule the woods, we decided to take over,â?? said participant Abby Beachnau.

This is the first year Big Boys Adventure has held this boot camp and they hope to hold it again next year with even more girls.

Big Boys Adventures is in their third season, and airs on TV 7&4. You can watch it at 7 am on Sundays.