Icebreaker Mackinaw celebrates its Patriotic roots

Hanging on one of the walls of the Icebreaker Mackinaw is a newspaper from the day after the Pearl Harbor attacks. Veteran Robert Fisher points out the headline. U.S. and Japan at war. This national tragedy would lead to the construction of the ship we were standing in.

"The ship was approved by Congress to be built just days after Pearl Harbor and one of its purposes was the security of the Great Lakes," Fisher explained.

The ship also moved important materials from the north to the south on the Great Lakes, so factories could build equipment for soldiers fighting in World War II. These tasks are what Fisher says made this ship important to America's history.

"I always considered the ship a Patriot, in and of itself if you will, because of its duty during the war," Fisher said.

The icebreaker's reputation as a Patriot is something that goes noticed on a daily basis by visitors from all over the World who come to see the boat.

"It's kinda nice to be here, to be able to see all the people that are out, the first year she was here, when the freighters would go through, they would blow a salute, because every freighter knows her. It's an ideal spot and it's a perfect spot for the fourth of July," Ship volunteer Marianne Murray explained.

As Marianne said it is the perfect place for the fourth of July. You can enjoy a piece of history and if you stick around, a perfect view for the fireworks.