Icy roads on Thursday...wind on Friday

Today's been terrific. Sunshine, light wind, 30s...and tonight will be partly cloudy and mild, but get ready for Thursday.

Tomorrow we're going to get a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. That will make roads icy and traveling slow. Temperatures will climb into the 30s, and they'll be above freezing for part of the day. As the temperature bounces around, you will see that variety of precipitation. Wind will be from the east and southeast up to 25 mph. Rough day.

Thursday night...rain for a while, and you may hear thunder! As temperatures fall, the rain will change to snow. Also during the night, the wind will increase and gust over 40 mph.

Friday, the story will be the wind. More high gusts. Plenty of gusts over 40 mph, and a few could be as high as 50 mph. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear about gusts over 50 along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. That's issue number one, but the temperature will be colder than Thursday, so no mix...just snow...over 2 inches will be common. Still windy Friday night as the snow starts to wind down.

Saturday will be breezy...gusts over 20 mph...and cold. Highs will be in the teens and 20s. Sunday...light wind, but cold...mostly teens.