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      Impatiens not found in many greenhouses due to fungus

      Impatiens have fallen victim to the downy mildew fungus in dozens of states across the country -- including here in Northern Michigan.

      â??They're usually really abundant,â?? said Cindy Coy, manager at the Barker Creek Nursery.

      Her nursery normally stocks anywhere from 300 to 500 flats a year, but they are not selling the flower this season.

      The downy mildew fungus made its way into Northern Michigan last year and it looks like itâ??s here to stay.

      â??Our suppliers said up to five years it'll take to get out but if everyone stops growing them for a couple years then the soil; the plant will go back to it's original state,â?? said Coy

      Customers can still find impatiens at some area nurseries, but most are not buying.

      â??People find out why we're not supplying them this year and they'll go to the alternative. The coleus or the begonia or the hybrid impatiens are okay,â?? said Coy.

      Some growers decided to grow the plant this year so nurseries still have access to the popular product.

      â??It's a cost that I was willing to take. Some growers may not want to take that chance and didn't grow them. I can't speak for anyone else except I thought I should have it available,â?? said Peter Melcarek, owner of Florigen Greenhouses.

      If his customers donâ??t buy his impatiens -

      â??I'll just throw them away. I hate to.â??

      Florigen Greenhouses said they spent one thousand dollars on chemicals to treat the impatiens and keep them healthy.