Intoxicated student found near death in snow bank

Police say Nicholas Suttles was at a party at this complex when he consumed "large amounts" of alcohol

An 18-year-old student at Ferris State University is in critical condition in Grand Rapids after officers found him in a snow bank early this morning.

Officers arrived on the scene before 8 am to find Nicholas Suttles was extremely hypothermic and had an irregular heart beat. He was believed to have been in the snow bank since around 3 a.m. and had no coat on.

He was provided life support and eventually stabilized for Aero Med to fly him to Grand Rapids.

An investigation revealed that Suttles had been at a party at a home before the incident where alcohol was a factor.

Big Rapids Public Safety says Suttles brought his own alcohol to the party and consumed a "large quantity." This, along with the exposure he suffered from not having a coat on when he left on foot, led to the incident.

The home where Suttles attended the party has been contacted and investigated. Charges are expected for multiple individuals relating to allowing a minor to consume under the Nuisance Party Ordinance.

Police are treating the area as a crime scene because they found multiple sets of footprints where he was and a small amount of blood from scratches on his arms.

They are currently looking at area businesses surveillance systems to find out if anyone else played a factor in the incident.