Investigation into Brown Bridge Dam failure

The investigation continues into the events that led up to the failure of the Brown Bridge Dam on the Boardman River.

The Emergency Manager reports 40 calls have been received by homeowners reporting flood damage.

Saturday's failure beneath the Brown Bridge Dam began around 11:15am. It was connected to a temporary dam which was put in place to gradually release water from Brown Bridge pond. The project was supposed to take 20 days, but the pond emptied in 4 to 5 hours.

It is believed that the river crested at Beitner Road Bridge at approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday night at 4.5 to 5 feet above normal levels.

A health advisory has been issued for people affected by flooding along a river near Traverse City as officials work to determine what caused water to be unexpectedly released during a dam removal project.

Grand Traverse County health officials say water from wells that were flooded is unsafe unless boiled properly. A flood damage hot line is in place for assistance with water damage mitigation and clean up. Anyone requesting this type of assistance should call 231-995-6059. If a dangerous situation is present, such as a downed power line or other emergency situation, the public should call 911.

Organic material continues to move downstream, and crews are working to filter material at various locations. Sand traps and other sediment mitigation procedures that were already in place have been successful in greatly reducing the amount of sediment released downstream.

The Brown Bridge dam is among three dams to be removed to return the river to its natural flow.

Click here to see a 360 degree panoframa of the Brown Bridge Dam Pond, taken on Sunday by Kimberly Ciesla, a UpNorthLive viewer.