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      Is the Shadowland Motel a hot spot for meth labs?

      Traverse City Police busted an active meth lab Monday night at a local motel and now they are searching for two suspects who escaped through the room's bathroom window.

      Police say they were called to the Shadowland Motel on the 100 Block of Munson Avenue at around 11:30pm Monday night. A motel guest called 911 after smelling a very strong chemical smell coming from a nearby room.

      Officers arrived on the scene and were able to look through a small bathroom window of the room. They could see that there was an active methamphetamine lab. When authorities entered the room, it appeared that the suspects escaped through the bathroom window prior to their entry.

      The scene was contained and members of the Michigan State Police Meth Team were contacted to come in and assist with the clean-up of the room. The clean up took nearly six hours to complete. The two suspects have been identified and warrants will be sought for their arrests.

      The suspects are a 25-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man, both from Jackson Michigan area.

      This is the second meth lab in the last four months at the Shadowland Motel. Police last busted a meth lab at the Traverse City motel in December.

      The two incidents are not related. Traverse City Police Captain Brian Heffner says motels like the Shadowland Motel seem to attract people who make meth. Heffner explains, "The difficulty we have in city of Traverse City is there are few motels that have direct access to the rooms. Most motels have lobby areas where you would have to walk by front desk clerk. Many times when they're carrying in components to set-up meth labs they pick the motels that they have direct access to."