Isolated showers in the forecast

A couple of weak systems passing through the Great Lakes will bring chances for rain heading into the weekend.

Low pressure and it's accompanying cold front are exiting to the east, and taking the rain and clouds along. We'll see sunshine throughout the day Thursday and most will stay dry, but you may run into a drop or two of rain during the afternoon.

Heading into the evening, we are going to keep that small chance of rain. If you're headed to the TC Film Festival for the movie at the Open Space - temperatures will be falling just below 70 for the start. We'll have partly cloudy skies.

Friday another system will move through, bringing another chance for scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. It's a small chance once again, and many will stay dry, but keep the umbrella handy just in case.

If you've been waiting for a couple solid great days to get outside - the weekend is it! High pressure moves into Michigan and brings us a chance to dry out. Temperatures in the low 70s and a lot of sun will make great weather for any outdoor activities.