Joshua Davis travels to Traverse City for hometown concert

Joshua Davis greeted by friends and family at Cherry Capitol Airport.

Anxious Joshua Davis fans gathered at Cherry Capital Airport Thursday waiting for The Voice semifinalist to step off the plane back in his home state.

Joshua's wife and children were there to greet him first but little did he know that more than 50 kids from Willow Hill Elementary Schools, dozens of community members, friends and the Traverse City West and Traverse City Central marching bands were also there ready to welcome him home.

"Totally amazing," said Joshua Davis. "Just having the marching band down here from the high school and all my daughter's friends from Willow Hill was incredible."

Joshua and his family were presented with several gifts; Cherry Capital Airport Executive Director Kevin Klein presented Josh's family with an official airport towel and Grand Traverse Pie Company had a massive custom made pie for him.

But, that's not all The Voice crew and the community had planned for Joshua, "I don't know it's a surprise, they're keeping me in the dark about almost everything," Joshua said.

Joshua was surprised at the Workshop Brewing Company Thursday afternoon by his parents and his band mates.

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