Kalkaska cop caught on camera

Sgt. Glenn Artress pleaded no contest to assault and battery charges.

The police chief of the Village of Kalkaska pleaded no contest to assault and battery charges.

Sgt. Glenn Artress pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of assault and battery on Monday. He could serve a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail.

The charges come after a confrontation between Artress and his next door neighbor at the neighbor's house in Rapid City in August.

Officials at the Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office say there has been bad blood between Artress and his neighbor, Marvin Schellie, for years and this confrontation was a result of an ongoing dispute.

A surveillance camera at Shellie's home captured the entire confrontation between him and Artress. The video shows what is believed to be Artress' dog running into Shellie's yard. Shellie stomps his foot on the ground behind the dog and then Artress runs up and shoves and punches Schellie in the mouth.

Officials say Shellie installed the surveillance camera because Artress had denied altercations between the two in the past and wanted proof.

Village President Jeff Sieting did not immediately return calls for comment regarding the status of Artress' employment.

Artress is set to be sentenced Feb. 20.