Kalkaska deadly crash has investigators searching for answers

Investigators have begun the search for answers in to what lead up to a deadly crash that claimed three lives.

Investigators with the Michigan State Police have begun the search for answers in the deadly crash that claimed three lives and sent 7 others to the hospital.

The crash happened around 11:15 at the intersection of Crawford Lake and County Road 612. According to the Michigan State Police, a silver van with seven people inside was traveling northbound on Crawford Lake and a white van with three occupants was traveling eastbound on County Road 612. The silver van was carrying the Grayling High School boys golf team.

The coach, 28-year-old Jason Potter, and one player, 18-year-old Louis Menard were killed in the crash. Five other passengers were taken to the hospital, including 25-year-old Dallas Johnson and 18-year-old Mason Key. The three other players names are not being released because they are minors. They also say 27-year-old Cassandra Stapleton, who was in the white van died, one was injured and another, a three-year-old, was not hurt.

Captain Robert Lesneski with with the Michigan State Police says the search for what lead up to the crash has already begun. He says "there are reportedly several witnesses that saw something that may or may not be complimentary to the accident, we need to reach out to those folks, we need to reinterview a lot of those folks. What we need to know is some basic things like talking to some of the victims, we need to find out their take on it. Those vehicles are evidence and we've seized those vehicles as you know they contain characteristics of valuable information both internally and externally."

Data collected from the crash site on the day of the accident will then be analyzed. Investigators will essential piece together what happened by the aftermath.

Captain Lesneski says "There are a variety of things we look at. We look at damage on the road, we look at debris that has been thrown about, were looking at where accident victims who were ejected, where they ended up, math equations, there are a lot of physics and science associated to this so we are looking at a lot of things."

In the meantime, Lesneski has a word of caution from those who are trying to find the facts. He warns that "social media has gotten way out in front of this thing and some of it is speculation. I just want to say that there are rumors. This is the time where we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with crash victims, their families, grayling high school and the communities."

The community is organizing a

vigil for the Grayling golf team

and friends, family, community members. You're encouraged to come show support and love for each other and everyone involved in this tragedy. The event will be at the Grayling Country Club at 6:00pm on Thursday, May 2, 2013.