Kalkaska fair president steps down from position


The president of the Kalkaska County Agricultural Fair Board has resigned from his position.

Damien Allen made the announcement on his Facebook page Monday night.

In his post Allen wrote, "Due to the many hats I wear and the many ways I serve my community, it appears that my service in some aspects is causing issues with others."

Allen also sits on the board for the Village of Kalkaska.

Allen tells 7&4 News he had heard there was some negative perception that he supported Village President Jeff Sieting.

Sieting has been a center of conversation for several months, following some Facebook posts that caused controversy in the community.

For more background on that story, click here.

Allen says he does not condone Sieting's posts, but he does believe Sieting has done a lot for the community in his position over the years.

"My allegiance is to Kalkaska," Allen said. "It has nothing to do with Jeff or anyone else. I serve my community because I live here."

With that, Allen says he felt it was best he step down from his position with the fair so that it did not cause any further detriment to the fair.

Allen says he was told several people did not want to participate in the fair, because of his position.

Allen has served as Fair Board President since last October, but has been heavily involved with the fair for the last five years.

He says he does plan to stay in his position with the Village of Kalkaska.

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