Keep the umbrella handy!

Rain showers are possible every day this week.

Low pressure to the south of us in Indiana will move through Ohio and eastward, causing just a drop or two of rainfall to be possible for the Central Lower Sunday evening.

Most will be mostly cloudy overnight and very late tonight into early Monday morning the E. U.P. may see some rain move in with an approaching cold front. Monday the best chance of seeing sun will be in the Central Lower earlier in the day. Cloud cover increases the further you are north and the E. U.P. will have scattered showers throughout the day. As we head into Monday evening, the line of rain follows the cold front and moves into the L.P.

Monday night scattered showers continue, and rain may be heavy at times. The southernmost counties also have a chance of a passing thunderstorm-nothing severe, just some flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.

Heading into Tuesday a low pressure system moves near Minnesota/Canada and it's accompanying warm front touches off more rain. It will cause us to be quite warm as well - some areas hitting near 80 degrees in the afternoon! The rain will be scattered, and there is a chance for thunderstorms too.

By Wednesday morning, we see the low pressure move well north of us into Canada, and the cold front swings into the L.P. It will stall here and become stationary, even as another low moves up along it. So although temps will remain milder and we'll see some sunshine Wednesday, things change Thursday when that low comes through. Temps drop for a cooler Thursday - through the weekend - with a bit more cloud cover and the chance of a passing shower remaining.