Keep the umbrella handy this week

Multiple weather systems tracking through the Great Lakes keep rain - and some wintry mix - in the forecast this week.

Sunday has brought lots of clouds and scattered rain and wintry mix. There is a low pressure system pushing into Minnesota, and we're seeing the precipitation out ahead of the approaching warm front. For tonight, expect mild temperatures, more scattered rain, and possibly a rumble of thunder or two. We'll keep wintry mix a possibility for the northernmost counties, mainly the E. U.P.

Going into Monday the low pressure moves into the W. U.P., passing into Canada Tuesday. Monday expect scattered rain to move across the area throughout the day with the passing cold front, but mainly be out of our concern by dinnertime. Central Lower has the best chance of seeing scattered rain later into Monday night. By Tuesday the front will be to the south and may touch off scattered rain for the southernmost counties, but the further north you are the more sun you'll see and the more likely you are to remain dry.

Another low pressure system is set to cross Northern Michigan during the day on Thursday, bringing us more rounds of rain from later Wednesday through Thursday. All of this rain means milder temperatures! We're seeing a lot of 40s and 50s this week - some backyards even hitting low 60s - until we reach Friday. As that low pressure passes eastward, we're looking at cooler air moving in behind it, causing a change from the rain to wintry mix and scattered snow later Thursday into Friday, and highs back in the 30s and 40s to end the workweek.

With all of the rain in the forecast, there are some flooding concerns in our viewing area. Some areas impacted as of now are the Pere Marquette River near Scottville, the Chippewa River area below Mt Pleasant, and the Muskegon River areas near Croton and Evart. If you live in these locations, you are advised to take proper precautions advised by local officials.

We'll continue to keep you updated - the track of the low pressure can change the amount of rain verses mix/snow that we see.