Kelli Stapleton's struggles highlighted in People magazine

Kelli Stapleton and the struggles with her daughter Isabelle are highlighted in the Sept. 23 issue of People magazine.

The Benzie County mother accused in an attempted murder-suicide is making news across the country.

Kelli Stapleton and her daughter Isabelle are on the cover of the Sept. 23 issue of

People magazine

. The article chronicle's the struggles of raising a child with autism and the fight to get help for Isabelle.

Kelli Stapleton

, 45, is accused of trying to kill her daughter and herself on Sept. 3. Investigators said Stapleton took her daughter to a remote area and placed two burning charcoal grills inside the family van. When deputies located the van, both were unconscious.

Isabelle's condition is reportedly improving, with the teenager conscious and alert, but still hospitalized in Grand Rapids.

Kelli Stapleton is currently being held without bond in the Benzie County Jail on an Attempted Homicide charge. She will be back in court on Sept. 26 for a preliminary hearing.