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      Kids interview locals to learn history of town

      A new summer program is helping students learn more about the history of their town, itâ??s called Stories of Town and Harbor.

      A new summer program is helping students learn more about the history of their town, it??s called Stories of Town and Harbor.

      Throughout the month of July, four students conducted interviews with legendary Frankfort personalities to get a historic outlook on the city.

      Stories of Town and Harbor, allows each student to get paired with an older, well-known Frankfort resident and some of the city's youth.

      The program teaches kids how to conduct interviews, collect research and write biographies.

      Each interview helps them build relationships with community leaders.

      ??It was great to have such an intelligent and articulate group of students who were really enthusiastic about this topic,?? says project facilitator Gretchen Elchberger.

      All the information they collect will be archived and used as a research component.

      ??I think I'll take away both very valuable skills in the interviewing process and I will also take away a more in depth knowledge of the Native American culture and all of the surrounding history of this area,?? says student Quintin Grabowski.

      The project leader says they hope to one day include this archived information in a self-guided historic walking tour throughout the City of Frankfort.

      The kids collected their stories with their own equipment, like tablets and smart phones and learned how to use different transcription software.

      T he archive will also be printed in official documents to promote history and culture to the community.