Kirtland Products permit revoked

The Boyne City Commissioners voted to revoke Kirtland Products permit due to ongoing noise complaints.

Kirtland Products will no longer operate in Boyne City.

Company President Tom Monley tells 7&4 News that the Boyne City Planning Commission voted to revoke the company's permit to operate in the city.

The plant, which has about a dozen employees, was closed Tuesday. This comes after the wood pellet manufacturer was the subject of several noise complaints dating back to late 2011 when the plant first opened.

The Commission had given the plant a deadline to fix the noise problem through some type of infrastructure changes back in December. Commissioners had said they preferred to work with the plant to come to a solution, rather than shutting it down.

Kirtland's President says they plan to fight the decision in court.

The problem was first addressed in 2011 when the company apologized publicly about the process that created what neighbors described as "excess noise".

"Our message to our neighbors and visitors is simple. We are sorry."

It went on to say, "I assure you the resolution of this issue is a high priority at Kirtland. We will not stop until it is reduced to acceptable levels."

The letter also addressed the fact that what is coming from the stacks is safe, and is mostly water vapor from the pellet drying process.