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      Kopenkoskey on her husband's death: 'I shot him five times'

      An Emmet County woman has admitted to killing her husband and then throwing the murder weapon off the Mackinac Bridge.

      Carol Kopenkoskey plead guilty to 2nd degree murder Wednesday in Emmet County Circuit Court.

      According to court records, Kopenkoskey said that on October 2, 2012 around 5:30 a.m., she drove her husband Lyle Kopenkoskey out to Kiebel Rd. She said she then took her unregistered .38 revolver and shot him five times.

      Kopenkoskey went on to say she told John Ernst, a man she had a three-to-four year affair with, about the murder, court records show.

      She says that Ernst gave her advice on where to hide the gun afterwards. She admits that after the murder, she took apart the gun and hid it in a chimney near Cross Village.

      At a later date, Kopenkoskey and Ernst went to permanently dispose of the murder weapon. Court records reflect Kopenkoskey said she drove across the Mackinac Bridge and Ernst threw the pieces of the gun out the window into the water.

      She says no one besides herself was involved with the actual murder.

      In exchange for her plea, Kopenkoskey will face up to 18 years in prison. Also a part of the plea agreement, Kopenkoskey has agreed to testify against any co-defendants.

      Kopenkoskey is being held on bond in the Emmet County jail. Her sentencing is scheduled for February 25.