Lake County couple killed at their Missouri seasonal home

Paul and Margaret Brooks, Baldwin, were killed at their seasonal home in Missouri.

Two teens are are accused of killing a Lake County couple at their seasonal home in Missouri.

Investigators say the suspects in the deaths recently ran away from a facility for at-risk boys.

Paul Brian Brooks, 70, and his wife, Margaret Susan Brooks, 69, were found dead Thursday night at a home south of Table Rock Lake. The man and wife from Baldwin were seasonal residents in the Trace Hollow area, which is in southwest Missouri.

Stone County deputies found their bodies after receiving a call from a man who said he was holding two suspicious young men at gunpoint.


reports Sheriff Doug Rader said a 15- and 16-year-old are being held in the killings.

Investigators believe the teens broke into an unoccupied home next door to the Brooks and stayed for several nights. Sheriff Rader did not say how the couple died, nor how long they may have been dead.

The home for at-risk boys,

Lives Under Construction Ranch

, told authorities the boys ran away.

The ranch, located in Lampe, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains, describes itself as a Christian residential treatment program. "Through the use of Biblical counseling and applying Christian principles in their lives, we are re-building broken homes and family relationships," their website states.

Richard Bottorf, the chairman of the board of the program tells


the boys were residents and turned up missing a few days before the killings.

Radar, said there was no indication from the report on the runaways that they were dangerous.

The Brooks' three children released the following statement regarding their parents' death:

"It is with great sadness and profound sorrow that we acknowledge the death of our parents. This was a senseless act of violence carried out upon a defenseless, loving couple."

For the past seven years, Paul and Margaret Brooks lived in Baldwin. Reports in Missouri say the couple, originally from Windsor, Ontario, moved to Baldwin to get away from the violence of the city.

An autopsy was done over weekend and the Sheriff's Department is expected to release the results on Tuesday morning.

7&4 News is told that the Brooks were cremated and that a memorial service will be held this July in Baldwin.