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      Law that rarely gets enforced could cost you money

      D id you know that if you bring a pet into Michigan or even if your relatives do, you need documentation to cross state lines?

      W ell that's actually the law and many people don't even know it.

      T he state wants you buy a certificate through a private vet e r i narian before you bring a pet into Michigan, yet it's almost certain that you will never get asked for proof that your animal is certified.

      A certification of veter i narian inspection is what the state says you must have to transport your family pet from one state to another.

      T he certification itself lasts only 30 days and could cost you nearly a hundred dollars to get your pet checked and certified by a veter i narian.

      T his same policy applies to exotic and farm animals.

      " The biggest thing that I think the state is concerned about is then caring communicable diseases ," said Pamela Grimes, Jensen's Animal Hospital DVM. "N ot only between other animals but what is called a zootomic disease , which is a disease that could be transferred from animals to humans ."

      I f the state is concerned about diseases, that must mean they've be cracking down on pet owners making sure they have the documentation.

      " We are not actively out enforcing it , we are passively doing it " Dr. James Averill, Michigan's State Veterinarian said.

      I n fact the state has not penalized anyone this year or last and if you are caught , the state says it's likely they will only give you a warning.

      "I f somebody's driving to grandma's house, I don't think many people will get a health certificate," Graves said.

      B ut the state insists that this certification is essential to keeping our pets safe.

      " Do you really want to be the person that is at fault for a disease being spread across the state and that's one of those ethical questions people has to ask themselves," Dr. Averill said.

      T he certification document is issued by the federal government and all 50 states participate in the process.

      S ince 1988 , it's been a requirement for traveling Michiganders.