Leelanau County may lower millage

Residents in Leelanau County could be paying lower property taxes this year.

If you live in Leelanau County, you could be paying lower property taxes this year.

Leelanau County has had the same general fund millage rate since 1969, but during a meeting this week some officials proposed lowering it.

The current general fund millage rate is 3.53, and they have yet to decide how much they would lower it.

County officials say that this may be possible because the county has been conservative with their funds.

â??Our rate has been stable for a number of years,â?? said Chet Janik, Leelanau County Administrator. â??Weâ??re actually fortunate that we have the ability to have this dialogue. A lot of counties are going through financial difficulty. We've been blessed that that's not the case in Leelanau County.â??

County officials say they may also use excess funds to go towards long-term debt such as the county's employee retirement plan.

Leelanau County currently has the lowest millage rate in northern Michigan, and the 3rd lowest in the state.