Leelanau couple saving Michiganâ??s fawns

David and Donna Prevo have a full house of fawns. The Leelanau County couple is fostering eight fawns, orphaned and unable to survive on their own.

â??Memorial weekend we got six...since then we got two moreâ?¦we are attracting from five counties. They are here because half of them, their moms were hit by a car. The other half were what I call stolen...well intended people thinking they were abandoned but usually they are not,â?? said Donna Prevo.

The Prevos operate a DNR certified wildlife rescue in Leelanau County.

Donna said when people come across a lonely fawn in the woods they tend to assume the animal is abandoned, but the best thing to do in that situation is monitor the fawn over the course of a day, before stepping in and trying to help.

â??Leave it alone. If you find one, leave it alone at least 8 hours. Moms are usually going to come back. They are simply out eating, resting, finding water and they will come back.â??

If it turns out the fawn is abandoned, Donna said you should immediately contact the DNR.

Keeping a fawn at your home can be illegal and attempting to feed it can have deadly consequences.

â??Don't give it homogenized milk. Donâ??t give it cow milk. It will be a slow and agonizing death for sure. The best thing to do is not feed it at all. Contact wildlife rescue,â?? Donna said.

The Prevo's currently have room for more fawns at their rescue, but right now all animal rehabilitation is paid for out of pocket.

They have spent thousands of dollars this year and are filing to become a non-profit so they can keep their operation alive.

â??It is expensive. It is between $500 and $800 per fawn. That is why we are seeking to become a 501-c3 and we're going to call that Leelanau Wildlife Rescue,â?? said Donna.

All eight fawns at the Prevo's rescue will be released at the end of the summer.

If you would like to contribute to their rescue or have any questions, you can conatact the Prevos at 231-946-1608 or by email at