Levin urges Gov. Snyder to veto concealed weapon bill

Senator Carl Levin, D-Mich, is urging Governor Snyder to veto the concealed-weapon bills approved by the Michigan Legislature last week.

If signed by Snyder, the bill would allow people to carry concealed weapons in schools and churches.

"Governor Snyder is considering whether to sign a flawed concealed-weapons bill passed in a lame-duck vote of the Michigan Legislature," Levin said. "The arguments in favor of this bill were flawed before last Friday. Now, it is unthinkable that Michigan would make it easier to bring weapons closer to our children in their schools."

The bill, approved on Friday by the House, requires people to undergo extra training to carry the concealed weapons in places that were previously off limits. However, schools, churches and other entities could declare themselves off-limits to openly carried guns under trespass laws.

Another provision would eliminate county concealed weapons licensing boards, with sheriffs taking over the duties.

Clergy from across the state are expected to rally in Lansing and call on Gov. Snyder to veto the legislation, the Associated Press reports.

Members of Michigan Prophetic Voices and the Metro Coalition of Congregations say they will hold a prayer vigil Tuesday afternoon outside Snyder's office.

Snyder said on Monday that he would take his time and give close scrutiny to the bill in light of Friday's school shooting in Connecticut.

He told the Associated Press that his public safety concerns had been heightened and "deserve extra consideration."

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