Life Happens! Lauren reflects back on week 1

Lauren Tucker is training to run her first half marathon at the Bayshore this spring.


Itâ??s interesting to me that Lisa wanted to see how things went this week with juggling life and my training. Itâ??s not an easy feat to fit everything in, but I am happy to report today (Friday morning) that I did it! Let me remind you of my training schedule for the first week, and then we can go over what happened each of those days:

  • Monday: Prehab

  • Tuesday: 4 m run

  • Wednesday: 4 m pace (9:09)

  • Thursday: 3 m run

  • Friday: Prehab

  • Saturday: 7 m run

  • Sunday: cross

Granted it is Friday and I havenâ??t completed the whole week, I am still proud I have made it this far without missing a run! My 5-year-old is taking swim lessons at the Great Wolf Lodge on Monday and Wednesday night and my husband and I both work fulltime. I think that is important to know that so you can see the whole picture (weâ??re busy).

Monday was easy, work, swimming, come home eat dinner and then do my Prehab work after the kids go to bed. DONE.

Tuesday seemed to be a no-brainer as well. My loving and supportive husband, Michael, said â??no problemâ?? when I asked him to pick the kids up from school and daycare so I could hit the gym to get my 4 miles knocked out on the treadmill. 4:30 pm I am returning to my desk at work to a voicemail on my cell phoneâ?¦itâ??s the school; at some point during the day Peyton has shoved a bead up her nose and has just informed them now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I think it is also important to tell you that this is not the first incident of Peyton putting things up her nose. When she was three she put two pink Polly Pocket shoes up her nose, apparently she had not learned her lesson. I called Mike and let him know that he needed to go get her immediately, and to call me if he couldnâ??t get the bead out and I would go with him to have it removed. I was bound and determined to not let this get in the way of my plans. 5:05 pm I am walking into the locker room at the Grand Traverse Athletic Club, the phone rings, itâ??s Mikeâ?¦he canâ??t get the bead out. Off to the Walk-in clinic we go. They were able to extract the pink bead from her sweet little nose. We head home for dinner, baths, and the kids are off to bed at 8:15 pm. I put on my running clothes, grab my shoes, kiss my husband, and head back to the gym at 8:30 pm. I think to myself, hey life happens, but you still have to get your run in.

Wednesday, Mike picks the kids up. I rush to the gym at 5:00 pm (thank goodness for my membership to the Grand Traverse Athletic Club, while I hate running on the treadmill, it is convenient and great for the short distances â?? and great for a pace run â?? but not super great for training yourself to stay on pace without the treadmill) and I am at the pool by the time Peyton starts her lesson at 6:15 pm. I have to tell you this was not a fun run. It was not easy, I was sore and had to encourage myself to keep going several times. Iâ??m glad that I didnâ??t give up, but like I saidâ?¦it wasnâ??t easy.

Thursday we have a Kindergarten meeting (Peyton starts Kindergarten in the fall) at the school at 6 pm. Mike picks the kids up and meets me there, I got my 3 mile run in on the treadmill and was there on time, WIN! To top it off, todayâ??s run felt AWESOME! This just supports the fact that some days are better than others, regardless of distance or conditions.

Saturday will begin another juggling act of getting Peyton to ballet, to her friendâ??s tea party, and getting my 7 miles in. I am very excited to do the longer distance and be outsideâ?¦hopefully the sun will be shining and I can find some PLOWED roads.