Local farmer "oinked" up over state's pig problem

The Department of Natural Resources is expected to begin enforcing the ban of certain types of pigs in Michigan this Sunday.

The DNR claims it'll help with the feral and wild pig threat in the state but a Missaukee County farmer went all the way to Lansing Thursday to fight the ban.

"We're farming, we're not running drugs, we're not bootlegging whiskey, we're farming, we grow protein, we grow carbohydrates for people to eat, that's it, it's just food," Mark Baker.

Baker has about 50 pigs at his business "Baker Green Acres" that will be considered "invasive species" starting Sunday, even though he's raised the swine for years and has them secured behind fences. The DNR says farmers must kill the animals or face criminal charges.

"I will disobey that, and then it'll be their obligation to prosecute me for disobeying what they believe is a lawful order, which i believe is not, and then i will be arrested and i will be, they'll try to prosecute me with a felony," says Baker.

Baker has a lawsuit against the DNR saying their order is unconstitutional and unlawful. In fact, he says if this order carries through, it could put private farmers, like himself, out of business. he testified in front of the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday, trying to get the DNR's order delayed. Senator Darwin Booher has asked Governor Snyder to rescind the invasive species order. so far he has not.

"They said because it's pig with these characteristics escape into the wild and become feral and do damage. They ruin fields, they attack women, eat babies, i don't know," says Baker.

He says something needs to be done before this move hurts small farms like his.